This is How Passwords Work in iOS 12

With iOS 12, You can Autofill Security Codes, Audit Reused Passwords, Transfer Passwords Among Nearest iOS Devices

How Auto Fill Passwords Work in iOS 12

Apple releases dozens of new features with every iOS update and most of these features are actually very useful for users. While Apple officially announces some of its outstanding features before releasing the update, developers are able to figure out hundreds of new changes that are not publicly disclosed by Apple. Nevertheless, the new features are always making the lives of iPhone and iPad users great and convenient.

Apple has always been renowned for security and privacy measures. Apple devices, unless they are jailbroken, are nearly impossible to attack making users feel safe and secure at all times. They know that their personal information cannot be compromised via any third-party app because untrusted third-party apps cannot be installed on the device anyway. With iOS 12, Apple once again modified the way passwords are managed in Apple devices not only making iPhone and iPad more secure but also convenient.

New password Features in iOS 12

With iOS 12, you can autofill security codes, audit reused passwords, transfer passwords among nearest iOS devices, autofill websites and apps passwords and automatically generate strong passwords. All of these features are useful for iOS users in some way and here you can learn how each of these password managing features work.

  • Auditing reused passwords: It is the safest to have a different password for every platform where you login regularly and have private data. For this reason, reused passwords need to be audited and iOS 12 has provided you with this option. As you enter the passwords and accounts option in Settings app, go to Website and App passwords after which you will have a list of saved passwords.


    Some of these passwords would have a triangular warning sign and you must open those websites by tapping on Change Password on website to change the password. Auditing is important in order to secure your device against threats and misuse of data.

  • Generating strong passwords: Thinking of a new strong password and remembering it is a complicated task given there is already a lot on everybody’s plates in today’s world. This feature of automatically generating strong passwords in iOS 12 is therefore a great release for Apple users. You simply need to visit a webpage or app where you are required to create a new account. As you enter your username or email ID and tap on the password field, iOS 12 automatically creates a strong password for you.

    iOs 12 Generating strong passwords


    If you wish to keep that strong password, you can do so by tapping Use Strong Password option that is displayed. Your concern of how to remember that password is also resolved by the new update since the new password is stored in iCloud Keychain and is automatically filled every time you login to that website. You can also retrieve the password by asking Siri after it verifies the Face or Touch ID.

  • Autofill passwords in websites and apps: Before iOS 12 was introduced, other apps were required to integrate with third-party password managers like 1Password to autofill passwords. With this update, however, you only need to visit an app/website where you already have an account and enter username. Next, simply choose Autofill Suggestions and tap on “for this website” after which your Apple device will verify your identity via Face ID, passcode or Touch ID.

    Autofill passwords in websites and apps


    In case you entered the wrong information, go back to the username or password field and tap on password extension just above the keyboard and choose the password you want to use.

  • Autofill security codes: One of the most annoying activities that iOS 12 has resolved for its users is the switching from messages app to website in order to enter the security code sent to them by the website for verification purposes. With iOS 12, you just need to visit the website and as you are asked about the security question after entering username and password, choose the text message option instead of email or phone call.

    iOS 12  Autofill security codes


    As you receive the text message, you are not required to switch between website and messages app because the autofill option displays the code right above the keyboard. While this is convenient, it also makes fraud easier so make sure you enter the code that you have requested.

  • Sharing passwords with nearby iOS devices: There are instances when your friend needs your login details but you cannot speak as other people are around. You then text message the details which is inconvenient and time consuming. With this new iOS 12 feature, you can share your password with nearby iOS devices.

    iOS 12  Sharing passwords with nearby iOS devices


    Go to Passwords and Accounts and locate the account details you want to share. As you tap on the password field, two options are displayed including copy and AirDrop and you need to select the latter. Make sure that the device with which you want to share the password has AirDrop enabled. Once you select their device, they can accept the sharing and receive your details.

With these password managing features, your iPhone/iPad experience is likely to be great. It will save you a lot of time and make logging in convenient.

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