[Updated] Facebook and Instagram Suffer Global Outage: Meta Services Down Worldwide

The Global Fallout from Facebook and Instagram’s Downtime

Facebook and Instagram down

In a surprising turn of events, social media giants Facebook and Instagram, both owned by Meta Platforms Inc., are currently experiencing a widespread outage. Users across the globe have reported being logged out of their accounts and are unable to log back in or access the platforms. Furthermore, Meta’s status page, which provides updates on the uptime of its services, was also inaccessible, adding to the frustration of users seeking information about the outage.

What Happened?

The outage, which appears to be affecting all Meta services, including Facebook and Instagram, has left millions of users unable to access their accounts or utilize the platforms’ features. Reports indicate that users are encountering error messages when attempting to log in, and those who are already logged in are experiencing difficulties navigating through the apps.


The downtime of Facebook and Instagram has significant implications for both users and businesses alike. Individuals who rely on these platforms for communication, networking, and entertainment are left disconnected from their online communities. Moreover, businesses that utilize Facebook and Instagram for marketing and advertising purposes are unable to reach their target audience, potentially leading to a loss in revenue and brand visibility.

Response from Meta:

As of now, Meta has not provided any official statement regarding the cause of the outage or an estimated time for resolution. The company’s status page, reporting Major Disruptions which typically provides updates on service disruptions, remained inaccessible for almost an hour, leaving users in the dark about the situation.

Meta Services Status

Meta Status Page

User Reactions:

On social media platforms like Twitter, users have taken to expressing their frustration and disappointment with the outage. Many are sharing memes and humorous anecdotes about their inability to access Facebook and Instagram, while others are expressing concerns about the potential impact on their businesses and social connections.


The current outage affecting Facebook and Instagram underscores the reliance of users and businesses on these platforms for communication, networking, and marketing purposes. As the outage persists, users are left waiting for updates from Meta regarding the status of the services and a resolution to the issue. In the meantime, individuals and businesses are encouraged to explore alternative communication channels and marketing strategies to mitigate the impact of the downtime.

Updates on the situation may occur following publication.

[06 Mar 2024 1:16 A.M GMT+5]: All meta services including Facebook & Instagram are now fully  restored.

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