About Us

TechRusk was established with a clear vision of making tech news, reviews and digital solutions accessible to the masses. We believe that in this world of globalization, it is easy to make information accessible to billions of people instantly and the world should make use of it. From iOS to gaming consoles like PlayStation and gadgets like iPhone, we cover every tech category that you can possibly think of!

Our Mission

Since the very beginning, TechRusk has aimed to promote tech knowledge and share experiences with people. Users of gadgets, operating systems and technology are constantly looking for reliable sources to obtain that knowledge and we aim to be the top-of-the-mind name in this regard. We ensure that every published content is written by credible individuals possessing hands-on experience of gadgets and software to maintain the best possible quality.

TechRusk aims to associate itself with quality. We spend most of our time and efforts ensuring that the goal of delivering the most accurate possible news and reviews to tech geeks is achieved at all times. We also want individuals with minimal or no tech knowledge at all to understand our message, eliminating complexity that is common among tech leaders. This keeps a large number of people updated with the world of technology and help them take certain decisions regarding, for example, iOS or whether to buy iPod or not.

Our Values

TechRusk is built upon five self-explanatory values that we are highly considerate about:

  • Quality
  • Originality
  • Honesty
  • Simplicity
  • Credibility

Our team is well aware of these values and every writer keeps them in mind while producing content related to digital trends, Apple, Android, laptops and phones.