TechRusk respects the privacy of every individual, and our privacy policy is precise and clear. Under this section, we will provide you with every minor detail of how we collect and use your information so that we do not invade any individuals’ privacy. The policy is entirely restricted to, hereafter referred to as TechRusk.

The main purpose of this policy is to prove our credibility and build trust with our visitors. We always aim to deliver quality and by knowing our audience better, we believe that we can improve your experience at TechRusk.

Please read the following to better understand our privacy policy:

  • Your visit to TechRusk, or signing up for any promotion or subscription, is an automatic agreement of allowing us to collect your information. Nevertheless, we take strict measures to ensure that your data is not misused in any way.
  • TechRusk is based in Asia and your data might be transferred to different regions that might not be your home country.
  • We describe personal data as any piece of information that helps us to know and identify you. This includes, but is not limited to, your email address. Information specific to your cultural, mental and economic identity also falls under this category.
  • Access information includes data we extract about your computer or device. This could help us know your location, device, IP address and similar data. The statistical data we transfer to advertisers is completely anonymous and used to identify user behavior and usage patterns. We, under no circumstances, provide any data to third party that can be used to identify an individual.
  • Other pieces of information including, but not limited to, traffic data, weblogs, clicks, pages you visit and time you spend on every page is also retained by us.
  • We also extract information using cookies. Some data files, known as cookies, are saved automatically in your browser from websites. This data is used to identify our website usage behavior including number of visits and while you can reject cookies, we encourage you not to do so because it may not allow us to provide you with the best possible experience.
  • Advertisements are a major part of our business and since advertisers need to promote their product or service to a specific target group, an automated system keep track of the type of ads you click on, number of times you click on it and how often do you click on it to identify your interests and categorize you under a specific segment accordingly.
  • If you continue to browse through TechRusk without providing consent to extract your data or rejecting cookies, we may not be able to make your experience as smooth as others.
  • We retain visitors’ data for as long as it can be used by us for advertisement or legal purposes.

Social Media Sharing

The social media sharing Call to Actions (CTA) including “share” button at the start / end of every post is not only related to us. As you share something with your friends or publicly, your data security is also the responsibility of the third party social media website. Therefore we highly encourage you to go over their privacy policy as well.

Privacy Policy Changes

TechRusk wants every visitor to stay updated with our privacy policy at all times to avoid any compromise on their data. In order to notify you about any possible changes made in this policy, either due to legal or organizational reasons, we will mention the date when policy was last updated. We therefore request you to keep checking this page frequently. We might, in rare cases, notify you about the changes personally.

Last updated on: 20/02/2024