Spotify Launched in Pakistan

Pakistani users have now access to world’s leading audio streaming app with free & premium features

Spotify in Pakistan

Spotify is a music streaming and podcasting platform providing its users millions of songs and albums of leading artist around the world. You can listen to any song by searching on Spotify which gives you browse control on collection of artist and celebrities. It also suggests you weekly and daily album. Spotify is free and premium service providing its users controls of over 70 million+ on finger tips.

Official Launch in Pakistan

On November 2020, the world’s leading Swedish audio streamer Spotify verified its page for Pakistan named Spotify Pakistan which was a signal for the song lovers of Pakistan that Spotify will soon be available in Pakistan. But after verifying its page the company remain silent, and by the February 23, 2021 Spotify officially announced the launch in Pakistan including 80+ other markets.

Telenor Pakistan a telecommunication service became the partner of Spotify to provide premium access to the users in the country. The motive of this partnership is to allow Spotify users in Pakistan to access premium version of Spotify by mean of Telenor mobile balance rather than of using other payments method like credit card etc. This collaboration will allow Telenor Pakistan’s 47 million+ customers to access over 70 million add free tracks (if upgraded premium).

Spotify Premium Plans for Pakistan (Pkr)

The service is also available for free through iOS and Android apps, and users are facilitated with options to upgrade to Spotify Premium to have ad-free access, and other features including downloads of music and skips of unlimited songs and collections.

Source: Spotify Pakistan (official)

Spotify Premium
Premium Plan Price in PKR
Student Premium
Full access with discount sharing & helpful features for students
Rs. 149/=
Individual Premium
Full access to Spotify without account sharing
Rs. 299/=
Duo Premium
Full access to Spotify with 2 accounts
Rs. 390/=
Family Premium
Full access and sharing upto 6 persons
Rs. 479/=

Spotify said that its catalog includes over 70 million tracks of local and international music. The app already features different playlists made for Pakistan (that will be updated regularly) including Hot Hits Pakistan, Pakistani Rock Hits, Pakistani Indie 101, Dramas.

Spotify launches in Pakistan with a peerless feature including one of the best recommendations and access along the huge wide library of songs which helps users to discover their desire both from local and international artists. Spotify could be very beneficial for artists as this platform offers tools to understand their fan base and run their business.

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