WordPress 5.0 : Not Your Average WordPress Update

You can now easily design your website in Wordpress 5.0 Bebo without any coding know-how


Building websites no longer remained a complex task requiring the expertise of coders and programmers because website building tools and content management systems like WordPress gradually dominated the tech world. These tools made it possible for an average human without any tech know how to develop their own website, even if it was a simple one. WordPress, being the most popular CMS, is being used by millions of people all over the world and this update of WordPress 5.0 is surely affecting each developer!

What is New in WordPress 5.0?




We have always seen WordPress updates with minor bug fixes, few additions or improvements to current features or new compatible plugins but if you have been using WordPress 4.9.8 previously, you must have noticed the “A new, modern publishing experience is coming soon” disclaimer a lot of times. This was a super-clear hint to developers who were already expecting something as cool as WordPress 5.0 Bebo! If you are wondering where that name came from, it is officially the name of this new update named after Bebo Valdes, Cuban musician who was a pianist, composer, bandleader and arranger.


WordPress 5.0 Bebo


Cutting long story short, there are broadly two new features in WordPress 5.0 Bebo that you must know about: Gutenberg WordPress and the new Twenty Nineteen WordPress Theme compatible with the Gutenberg.

Both introductions have changed the way developers look at WordPress because it no longer remains a content management system only. Gutenberg has transformed WordPress into an advanced yet user-friendly page builder with even more options than before which reduces the need for coders to design customized plugins. A lot of new Gutenberg WordPress compatible plugins will help you shape your webpages in the most unique style that you want.

Gutenberg WordPress

The first and most prominent change in WordPress is the replacement of classic editor with the new block based editing system known as Gutenberg, named after Johannes Gutenberg. It gives more screen space to users leading to fewer distractions while you work on the webpages as compared to the classic editor. For every option, there is a separate block in Gutenberg WordPress through which you can add anything from text and images to quotes, embeds and shortcodes.


Gutenberg WordPress


These blocks can be customized for unique layout and design for your webpage and this is what makes Gutenberg special. A slight knowledge of coding and programming can also allow you to create blocks of your own even though the currently available blocks should be sufficient to meet your website needs, be it static or dynamic.

Initially, developers used Gutenberg WordPress plugin to test the new block editor before they upgraded to WordPress 5.0 Bebo. However, now the use of block editor would not be optional as it is the default editor in WordPress 5.0 so you must keep your hands firm on the block system. There is a plugin that would allow you to use the classic editor in this upgraded version but it would not be long when all the security updates like WordPress 5.0.1 and feature updates will require you to shift to Gutenberg WordPress.

The Twenty Nineteen Theme

The second notable introduction in WordPress 5.0 is the new Twenty Nineteen theme. Being a typography-based simple theme, Twenty Nineteen is likely to go with almost any website layout and design and it is developed with an aim to meet the needs of maximum people. Both back-end and front-end styles are included in the theme so as you add content and set this theme, you can be confident enough that the published website will be better than many others currently live on the web.


Twenty Nineteen Theme WordPress 5.0


Developers usually get a customized theme made that exactly suits their website’s need so that might still not end but the sophisticated and flexible design of Twenty Nineteen theme means that regardless of the nature of your website, you have a great theme ready for backup.

Why Would WordPress 5.0 Change Everything?

While the changes are commendable, users are still wondering why WordPress would initiate such a change when WordPress was already growing by about 17% per year. Following are some of the major reasons that we think are behind Gutenberg and Twenty Nineteen:

  • Keeping up with technological advancements: The first and foremost reason that comes to my mind is obvious: WordPress needed to catch up with advancing technology. Gutenberg is using every useful piece of modern tech including, but not limited to, ESnext + JSX, REST API and WebPack. Moreover, it is built on the most popular JavaScript Framework known as React that is used by social media giants including Facebook and Instagram.
  • This means that WordPress 5.0 is more fun to use especially for developers who can play around with the new technology. As for beginners, the block-building system might create some complications but Gutenberg is so user-friendly that it is highly unlikely for an average user to get stuck on anything.

  • Competition alert: No matter which market or industry you operate in, competition is a significant part of business world. WordPress soon realized that other content management systems are not their only competitors because the need WordPress has been fulfilling was the development of websites. Wix and Squarespace began dominating the market with the growth rate of 233% and 180% respectively due to which WordPress’s 17% seemed like a huge threat.
  • Upon market research, we got to know that users find these competing platforms more convenient as WordPress only allowed them to manage content but was slightly complicated when it came to page building. Gutenberg specifically targets that problem and with the block editing, users are more likely to have fun while developing websites because of an easy-to-use interface.

Talking About the Downsides of WordPress 5.0 Bebo

While the Gutenberg WordPress update might be a mandatory change in the system keeping in mind the competition and user demand, there have been some flaws with the update that might interrupt the rapid growth of WordPress usage. Firstly, the Gutenberg is reported to be slightly slower than the classic editor and it totally makes sense. A separate block for each option requires more power but WordPress 5.0 might not be the one to be blamed here as a majority of users have decently powered computers to work on.

Nevertheless, web development on a slow platform can be annoying so WordPress is likely to tweak some settings in order to boost performance and make Gutenberg a fun experience for all.


Gutenberg WordPress 5.0 Bebo


Secondly, a huge range of plugins and themes needs rewrite due to compatibility issues with Gutenberg. Gutenberg WordPress is an entirely different editor with the block-building technology and so it makes sense why most of the plugins and themes designed for the classic editor might not work with the upgrade. While developers have started rolling out Gutenberg-compatible plugins and themes, there is still some time when all required plugins will be ready for your use.

Officially Released!

The WordPress 5.0 was officially released on the 6th of December with the WordPress 5.0.1 security update rolling out almost immediately. While you may have doubts over upgrading to the Gutenberg editor as of yet, it is recommended to get WordPress 5.0 Bebo and start getting comfortable with the block-building technology. In case you are currently working on an urgent project and can work faster on the classic editor, you can get the plugin for the classic editor and continue working.

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