Why is This Not a Good Time to Install iOS 12 Beta?

Considering the Amount of Bugs That Still Exists, We Don’t Think That This is Really a Good Time to Get iOS 12


Apple reveals a new iOS every year and users all over the world are pretty excited about it because each release brings in new features for them. iOS 12 was recently announced and while the new iPhone XR, XS and iPhone XS Max would have iOS 12 built-in, users with any iPhone model of 5s or above can upgrade to iOS 12 beta whenever they want.

While compatibility might not be an issue in this case because over 90% of iPhone users use iOS 12 compatible devices, is this really a good time to get Apple iOS 12 on your phone? We do not think so, considering the amount of bugs that still exists in the software. Apple has already worked on several bugs but some still exist due to which you may not have a very smooth experience with iOS 12 beta.

While iOS 12 might be the greatest iOS invention by iPhone so far, it is yet under the testing phase by developers as well as public. Following are some of the major reasons why you should stick to iOS 11 for some time and upgrade later:

  • The Group Facetime is only announced yet: Every iPhone user is mainly excited about the Group Facetime feature that allows 32 people to group chat at one time. However, you should be aware of the fact that Apple has not yet released the feature and has not announced a specific date of release. So upgrading immediately to enjoy Group Facetime should not be a reason anymore.
  • Siri Shortcuts is only for developers: An even more heart-breaking news at the moment could be that the Siri Shortcuts is only available for developers. Shortcuts is a feature that lets Siri identify app functionality. As a result, Siri can suggest shortcuts to users at relevant instances. So if you were thinking of upgrading to Apple iOS 12 right now, you may want to reconsider it if you are not a developer.
  • Freeze up without warning: A major problem observed with many devices that recently upgraded to iOS 12 beta was the phone freeze up without any warning. The iPhone gets stuck for more than ten minutes on the spinning wheel screen and you cannot do anything about it till the bug fixes itself. While there is no single reason identified that triggers this freeze up, developers claim that AirDropping documents is one of them.
  • Volume HUD: A large portion of Apple users were expecting the volume HUD to be different than what it has always been. The volume HUD in iOS 12 is still the large bell that appears on the screen and interrupts any video that you might be watching. This gets annoying at times for users and hence they were expecting Apple to roll out a different volume HUD that is smaller than the current one.
  • Limited devices for camera effects in messages: If you are using an iPhone that is older than SE and 6s, you might not want to upgrade right now because camera effects in messages is only compatible with SE, 6s and newer iPhone models.
  • No traffic data in Maps: Another problem identified was that the traffic data was unavailable in the Maps application after the iOS 12 beta upgrade. We all have been using Maps all the time and can imagine a world without maps showing traffic data. Nevertheless, some users were able to find the workaround by turning traffic on through map settings.
  • FaceTime camera effects: The new Apple iOS 12 consists of another bug and that is the absence of FaceTime camera effects in all models before iPhone 7. FaceTime without camera effects could be boring so if you do not have an iPhone 7 or later device, you may want to wait before getting the upgrade. No iPad supports FaceTime camera effects either.
  • Call drop warning for T-Mobile users: A T-Mobile specific bug in iOS 12 beta is that the call drops as you switch from WiFi to cellular data. This can be frustrating at times so if you are a T-Mobile user, you should not be upgrading to Apple iOS 12 yet because the reason behind this call drop is unknown.
  • Data from “Picked up iPhone”: The Screen Time consists of a statistic showing how many times your iPhone has been picked up. The bug that exists in the iOS 12 beta is that if multiple iPhones are connected to a single iCloud account, the data from all connected devices can be merged and you would not know how many times you picked one specific iPhone up which kills the purpose.
  • Problem with third-party apps: While it is true that developers were given access to iOS 12 beta upgrade in June, there are a lot of third party apps that are not optimized for this version yet. So if you upgrade but are not able to use apps that you really want to, it could be a bad move. Hence this might not be the best time to get iOS 12 beta on your iPhone.
  • Parental problems: Screen Time has been an essential part of parents’ iPhone experience because they are able to monitor their children’s iPhone activity through it. With iOS 12, a significant bug is that children can log parents out of the Screen Time making it impossible for parents to keep track of their children’s activity anymore.

While these are some of the major bugs in Apple iOS 12 that you should be aware of, there are several other bugs that you might observe on the go. Apple, however, is constantly fixing the reported bugs so the full release would hopefully be a great version for iOS users.

Keeping this in mind, we would suggest you to consider a number of these bugs and decide if you really want to upgrade now. If you want to upgrade for testing purposes, it could be a better idea and it is always possible to revert back to iOS 11.

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