Apps That Might Have Bugs or be Broken on iOS 12

What If You Find Out That the Apps You Wanted are Either buggy or Totally Broken in the iOS 12


Apple iOS 12 public beta version was first released on 25th June 2018 at Apple Worldwide Developers Conference while the developer beta was released a couple of days before it. Since the day of its release, the developer beta has been acquired by many developers all over the world to make iOS compatible apps prior to its final release, so as to retain its iOS customer base. Apart from just developers, other users have also largely started to upgrade to the iOS 12 public beta version out of curiosity to test the new features.

However, there is not much that should be expected from beta version of any software because it is still under the development phase and thousands of bugs are fixed over a timespan of several months. Considering the fact that the release happened almost five months ago, a lot of bugs have already been fixed but there are certain bugs with apps that Apple might not be responsible of. If you upgrade to Apple iOS 12 and find out that the apps you wanted to use are either buggy or totally broken for this iOS version, it could be an unpleasant move for you.

Apps That Most of the Users Might Be Concerned About

There are certain third-party apps that a large majority of users need in their everyday lives. Upgrading to iOS 12 beta and finding out that these apps are buggy or do not work at all could be a nightmare so you should be aware of those apps beforehand. Following is a list of mainstream apps that are either buggy or completely broken:

  • Google Maps: Fortunately, Google Maps is not entirely broken on iOS 12. Unfortunately, a minor bug in the app is that specifically in iPhone X, GPS consumes some time before it shows the correct directions. Also when using the app, the search bar often contracts making the app slightly annoying to use.
  • Netflix: Although developers claim that the bug is fixed, Netflix reportedly had issues with logging in. Additionally, testers claimed that the videos kept on buffering for an infinite time period making it impossible for them to watch shows.
  • Fortnite: With at least 40 million players each month, it might be depressing for you to know that iOS 12 users reported crashing of the app when starting a new game. On a brighter note, the app is reported to be fixed but let us see if the crashing happens again or not.
  • Playerunknowns Battlegrounds (PUBG): Moving on to the competitor Battle Royale, it might be disheartening for iPhone 5s users to know that PUBG often crashes on this device if they upgrade to iOS 12.
  • Skype: Imagine life without Skype in this world of globalization. Even though a lot of other alternatives are now available, the fact that Skype crashes instantly on launching is a good enough reason to not get iOS 12. However, the app is reported to be fixed now.
  • Acuity Scheduling: A large number of small businesses use this app for appointment scheduling but the problem with the app in iOS 12 currently is that it crashes instantly. This is not a minor bug that you can ignore so you either wait for the fixed app or switch to an alternative.
  • Twitter: One of the most popular social media names, Twitter is another app that you should be concerned about when upgrading to iOS 12. At times, you may see a blank screen as you log in to your account and this would not allow you to log in. This could be annoying for regular twitter users who tweets every few hours.
  • OpenVPN Connect: One of the leading VPN apps in the market is not usable by iOS 12 users because it requires a certificate for authentication if you are logging in using an iPhone X. The bug is reported to be fixed by summer so if you do not trust any other VPN, you should wait for the fix.
  • OkCupid Dating: While there are multiple options now for dating app, OkCupid is one of the most popular apps in this category. Being an OkCupid user, the bug of misalignment of profile pictures could be extremely frustrating for you so do not upgrade to iOS 12 yet if you are a regular OkCupid user.
  • Barclays UK: Barclays is one of the most commonly used financial institution of the world. The problem with the app in iOS 12 is that it crashes within one minute of launching and considering the fact that mobile banking is an everyday activity now, you might not want to upgrade if you have a Barclays account.
  • Audible: Listening to audiobooks can be frustrating if you upgrade to iOS 12 because Audible reportedly crashes almost instantly upon launching.
  • iTunes Remote: Brand loyal consumers of Apple require iTunes Remote quite often but if you get iOS 12, you will realize that there is not a minor bug in the app but it crashes altogether as soon as you launch it. Therefore if you use iTunes Remote for your Apple TV or anything else, you might want to stick with iOS 11 for now.
  • Telegram messenger: The good news is that Telegram Messenger does not crashes entirely upon launching. The only bug with this app is that home screen is not correctly scaled on iPhone X which can be an unpleasant app experience for users.
  • iSmartAlarm: A lot of Apple users regularly need this app for home security so a bug could mean compromising their safety. The only bug in the app is with iPhone 8 Plus running iOS 12 because it displays no internet connection.
  • HSBC: Last but not the least, HSBC is another large financial institution and a lot of people require the mobile banking app. With iOS 12, the HSBC app is reported to get crashed as soon as the app is launched. While there might be other apps in the store with either a minor bug or major break, these are some about which a large majority would be concerned.

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