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TechRusk is very particular about the posts being published on our platform. We believe that any carelessness in this regard can cost us our reputation in the tech world and prevent us from achieving our goals. Our aim is to be one of the leading credible providers of tech news, reviews and digital solutions for individuals, professional bodies and tech geeks in the world. Therefore, your submissions should:

  • Be in line with our mission and values: While we respect your skills of writing and research, TechRusk never accepts content that is even slightly contradictory to our stated mission and values. For this reason, we strongly suggest that if you have not yet done so, you must visit our about page and not only read but understand our aims and values.If your content is beyond just eye-catching and attractive but is not in line with our values, we under no circumstances publish the content on our platform since we ensure that most accurate possible news and reviews reach our audience.
  • Be relevant: We expect you to know that TechRusk does not publish any content that is irrelevant. We are all about tech and digital solutions so your content should be on the lines of tech news, gadget reviews, digital trends and solutions, gaming consoles and similar categories.
  • Include opinions backed by strong references or data: If you are writing a product review, we expect you to have hands-on experience of the product to ensure accuracy of content. In case your review is purely based on what you researched over web, it is unlikely to be published on TechRusk.Our team consists of some of the finest review writers in the industry who have their own strategies to identify whether a review has been written after a personal usage experience or just based on online research so we are confident that only the accurate information is passed on to consumers.
  • Benefit the masses in some way: A hack related to the new iOS 12 or an informative review about the software and hardware of the product recently released is useful for our target audience. However, a mainstream piece of information could just be a kind of spam post that we are unlikely to accept.Therefore, make sure that the topic you choose for the content is tech-intensive and consists of unique information that is useful not only for tech geeks but also for people with no technological knowhow.
  • Not focus on quantity but quality: We do not impose any restrictions on the word count of your content because we believe in quality. If your review or news is very descriptive and lengthy but consists of repetition and wordiness, it is unlikely to be published on TechRusk. So deliver your message in the most precise manner possible to retain readership and meet our quality standards.

We encourage you to be a part of TechRusk team but since we prioritize quality and our values over everything else, we consider it necessary to set submission rules. If you agree to follow them throughout, we would be more than willing to publish your content on our platform for masses to read and benefit.

Send your post pitches to us via email at: editor@techrusk.com